Pick Up Flag Football

7 Nov 2020

The Giants played the Bucs close on Monday Night Football before losing 25-23. With :28 left in 4th-quarter, Daniel Jones found Golden Tate in the back of the end zone to pull NY within a two-point conversation. On the try, Jones's pass in the flat was broken up, but PI on the Bucs gave the Giants one more chance--and then it didn't--when the flag was picked up, leaving only an unsuccessful onside-kick attempt.

Even without the conversion, the late Giant TD toppled the Over which made the difference for Kara (36) who tallied her second Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Kara (66) picked up the King Kong for winning the week, also her second KK of the year. KMac (34) and Winky (33) lost to Kara but defeated the ProGrid Tour and earned WPNs. Teunesto (32) won yet another PGT and finished just ahead of KDet047 (31) who posted the only other Qualifying Score.