The Players Preview

13 Mar 2019

The NCAA Tournament doesn't start until next week, but we're already in the midst of the March Madness fog that will eventually settle in across the country and choke off hours off American productivity. Tickets have been punched and even more teams are in line for the show. Now's the time to find a dark horse or two to ride--and that one team that will go the distance. 

The First Game on GridCard has a plethora of Over/Unders--six conference semifinals and six conference championships. The huge Saturday night NBA game between the Warriors and Rockets could be a Western Conference Final preview, and The Players Championship--the unofficial fifth major--closes out Game 21.

The Second Game starts with the Atlantic 10, SEC, American, and Big 10 championships. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the NCAA Play-In games fill four Game 22 slots. Also in the mix--six GridCard NBA contests, all with playoff seeding ramifications, including the Raptors @ Thunder matchup--which closes the Second Game--a possible NBA Finals pairing.

The GridCard Commissioner will update as the brackets wind down. So check back often before and after Saturday's noon deadline.