Finals Weak

9 Jun 2018

Last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers were seconds away from stealing Gm1 of the NBA Finals. In Las Vegas, the Golden Knights had won Gm1 against the Capitals, and bookie's paying $100,000 on $200 future bets were sweating bullets.

What a difference a week makes. Neither the Cavs or the NBA Finals recovered from the Cavs' Gm1 collapse. The Warriors claimed the Larry O'Brien Trophy Friday, winning in Cleveland 108-85. The NHL Finals ended almost as quickly--although the games were tight. The 3rd period of Gm5 was one highlight after another, the Capitals coming from behind to win 4-3, hoisting the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history.

EricCinTX (42) earned his first GridCard Win, calling everything right except LeBron and a DBack Ticker. JohnnyRan (37) finished second--in both games--and earned the King Kong (75). GB55 (35) and CraigW (34) defeated the ProGrid Tour which was won by MMc (32) over Teunesto (32) on the second tie-breaker: most Confidence Games called correctly over both games. Rico (31) was the only other Gridder to post a Qualifying Score.