Butler Did It

23 Dec 2018

Just about a year ago, when the Vikings scored with no time remaining to beat the Saints (check out the first-ever GridBlog), NFL rules forced the teams to return to the field for a PAT that covered ATS. This year, when the Titans' Malcolm Butler returned an interception for a TD with no time remaining, the NFL's new rule spared the Redskins the unnecessary PAT--and saved ten players fifty-eight GridCard points.

But what was Butler doing returning the pick 56 yards and risking a fumble in the first place? Why not just go down and win the game? Was it an incentive-clause in his contract? Was he just caught up in moment? Did he figure Belichick might see the replay and regret benching him in last year's Super Bowl?

Or did he bet the Over? 

Butler's scamper shifted 100 GridCard points--and set up an exciting GridCard finish where missed PATs in the Texans @ Eagles game proved to be the difference for KMac (37) who picked up his second GridCard win, just beating out CraigW (35). This was KMac's second win in five weeks. MW (34) won the ProGrid Tour, slipping past MMc (33). 

Qualifying Scores were also posted by TheDust (34), btninja (33), summerman (33), mac (32), dkropf (32), and Annabelle (30).