Tweaking Watson

5 Aug 2018

The Indians won twice, the Red Sox and Astros once, and the Cubs won but lost ATS. So when every Home Run Prop bet stayed Under, it was EricCinTX (38) who came out on top, picking up his second King of the Mountain. In Game 44, EricCinTX  earned his first GridCard Win and lit a Winning With Watson Achievement using AutoPick. An unapologetic TechPicNic, Eric changed things up this week, making a few picks of his own, then executing a perfect reverse-jinx by posting all over social media that this new approach was doomed to failure.

Late Saturday, the Astros beat the Dodgers by two touchdowns 14-0, nine of those runs coming in the last two innings--clinching the ProGrid Tour win for MW (35). A total of twelve Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: Rico (35), dkropf (34), Kevin K (33), dangerzone (33), GB55 (32), keyz (32), Teunesto (31), macs detail (31), csmorgan71 (30), Heart of a Hooligan (29).