Engagement Off

15 Mar 2019

Both teams acted less engaged than Colton on The Bachelor as the Lakers +9 @ Raptors hovered around the Vegas line for most of the second half. But in the end, LA (ATS) couldn't survive fourth-quarter turnovers and missed free throws from LeBron James and fell to the Raptors 111-98, giving MMc (47) back-to-back GridCard wins for the first time in his career. MMc (79) also picked up the King Kong and a sweep of the ProGrid Tour. The Lakers' effort sunk Heart of a Hooligan (44) on the PGT--which placed all of its Gridders in the Top Ten: macs detail (41), MW (38), Teunesto (38), and AFED (36).

Thirteen other players posted Qualifying Scores: Jodyann (43), Dano (40), Ace (37), csmorgan71 (36), JeepCreeper (35), keyz (35), btnnja (35), CraigW (34), GB55 (34), dangerzone (33), KMac (32), KLC (32), and EricCinTx (31).