Phil in the Bank

23 May 2021

Until yesterday, nobody had won a major championship in his 50s. In 1968, at the age of forty-eight, Julius Boros won the last of his three majors, the oldest golfer--at that time--to do so. Then came Phil Mickelson. On Sunday, Mickelson (-6) completed a most unlikely victory, holding off Louis Oosthuizen (-4) and Brooks Koepka (-4) to win his sixth major at the age of fifty.

On the GridCard, MMc (38) was King of the Mountain, riding his Man of Steal: the PGA Over (9), the Yankees (8), and the Nets (7). MMc earned the ProGrid Tour win and his third Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Only five other players posted Qualifying Scores: Lim Lamb (34), MW (31), Jodyann (31), Barry (29), and Kevin K (29).