Not Over When It's Over

7 Jul 2019

When Rose Lavelle left-footed rocket found the back of the net in the 69th minute, the shot not only helped seal the USWNT's second consecutive World Cup victory, it marked the 146th goal scored in this year's World Cup, tying the record set in 2015. The US women--who beat the Dutch 2-0--had several chances to break the record and pad their lead but didn't--which made the Under a winner, and Jocko (42) King of the Mountain.

The Under spoiled what would have been a pair of Perfect 45s for MW (37) and MMc (37). The tie on ProGrid Tour now goes to the tie-breaker. Jocko, Dano (38) and Jodyann (38) picked up WPNs for defeating everyone on the PGT as over half the field earned Qualifying Scores, many players taking advantage of heavily-favored USA's even-money bet. The GCI on the US Women went off at 2.89.

Rico (36), GB55 (36), TheDust (34), Heart of a Hooligan (33), JeepCreeper (32), Big Sherm (32) Kevin K (30), ranvilld12 (30), dangerzone (30), and Annabelle (29) --all posted QSs.