Extra Pointless

20 Jan 2018

Last Week’s Best Bad Beat

If you were playing the GridCard last week when Case Keenum hit Stefon Diggs to win it for the Vikings, the end of the game was really just the beginning.

While West Virginia’s unlikely and meaningless three pointer at the buzzer to cover against Texas Tech was a close second—the best bad beat had to be that crazy finish in the Vikings game that left players sitting right on the +5 line at 29-24, waiting for an extra point that never came. Cruel and unusual.

For those of you who had the Vikings, that Diggs touchdown was just the beginning of an excruciating and ultimately heartbreaking extra point limbo overtime period.  There’s Diggs standing on top of a bench, arms crossed, Mr. Clean-style. Here come all the cliche-filled interviews with Keenum and Zimmer. Where the hell is the place kicking team? Just go out there and kick the extra point already! The NFL—unlike the NCAA— requires an attempt--probably because of sports betting--so even though the game appeared to be over--it wasn't.

Flashback to Dan Marino and the Dolphins who won in a similar last-second fashion many years ago.* The placeholder walked it in for the two-point conversion when no Jets returned to the field. And it looked like that might be the case again when Vikings appeared to be the only players lining up for the conversion—until a single Saints player emerged from the tunnel at that the far end of the field. And then another and another.

I'm sure some of you were yelling at the TV, “Go back! C’mon! Why?” to no effect. A bad beat, no doubt about it, but how much tougher for those Saints players who had to make that long trek to the far goal line just so that Keenum could take a knee. Bad enough to lose like they did, but then to have to come out of the locker room into that crazy celebration in U.S. Bank Stadium to officially end the season. Ouch.

At least if you lost with the Vikings, you gained a good GridCard bad beat story.

Note: the owners voted to change this rule for 2018. There will be no more meaningless PATs in regulation.

*Not at all sure it was Marino and the Dolphins vs the Jets.