Punt Fake Fail

18 Oct 2019

On the first play of the second quarter, the Denver Broncos tried what will most likely will be the worst fake punt of the year--an RPO by Colby Wadman which the Kansas City Chiefs sniffed and snuffed for a seven yard loss. The Chiefs turned this blunder into points and never looked back, beating the Broncos 30-6, despite losing QB Patrick Mahomes to a dislocated kneecap. 

The Chiefs' easy cover helped EricCinTx (41) and KMac (41) earn GridCard wins, the second Hamlin-Hopper for Eric and the third for KMac. Newcomers Luistorres (38) and Kdoggbs69 (36) and GC creator btninja (34) defeated the ProGrid Tour and notched WPNs. The PGT was won by MW (33) who edged out Ace (31).

Jenjay2009 (32)--another rookie--and veterans ranvilld12 (32) and Jodyann (31) posted the only other Qualifying Scores. On the strength of his Perfect 45 Mirror, Mirror, csmorgan71 (69) took home the King Kong for winning the week.