Power Surge

8 Jul 2018

You can't say the Brewers blew the roof off Sunday afternoon because the roof at Miller Park was already open, but Milwaukee did belt four homers against the Braves--covering the HR Prop Bet all by themselves and toppling the Over, 10-3. This power surge ruined two Perfect 45 bids: csmorgan71 (39) and macs detail (37).

It wasn't perfect, but dangerzone (40) came away with his first GridCard Win. In fewer than eleven weeks, dangerzone has posted nine Top Five finishes and a 579 WWP. 

CraigW (38) and Jeepcreeper (37) were the only other players to defeat the ProGrid Tour which was won by MW (36) who managed to cover the Over 9.5 when the DBacks beat the Padres 20-5.

The GridCard played loose in the First Game, giving up eleven other Qualifying Scores: JohnnyRan (35), MMc (34), Teunesto (34), Kevin K (34), Annabelle (33), Ace (33), Heart of a Hooligan (33), AFED (33), btninja (31), summerman (29), and GO BLUE (29).