Historic Low Takes 2nd Gm

2 Mar 2018

Game 16 was sweet for Jodyann who called only four confidence picks correctly—San Antonio (3), Marquette (5), Kentucky (7) and Philadelphia (8)—and managed just one Ticker, a Houston 2-Ball.

Jodyann’s 25 win total is the lowest of the year, one worst than Ace’s 26 Wildcard Weekend win back in Week One. Ironically, ranvilld12 was second both times, falling just one point short with 25 against Ace and 24 against Jodyann who earned her second career GridCard win. Heart of a Hooligan (5), Teunesto (2) and now Jodyann (2) make up a triumvirate of players with more than one win. 

AnnieWhitlock, mac, and Tommy rounded out the top 5 but with scores too low to make the wrap-up.