Star Power Outage

30 Jan 2021

Each team had a chance to cover but neither did. The Clippers' Reggie Jackson missed a free throw with twenty seconds left and the Heat's Bam Adebayo missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer--which pushed 123 GridCard points off the roof as the Clippers (-4) beat the Heat 109-105. Each team had six players in double figures and each team held out its biggest stars--no Paul George, Kawhi Leonard or Jimmy Butler.

Two Second Game pushes kept the GridCard scores low--but GB55 (38) (63)--who struggled the first 3 weeks--found his groove and won both the Hamlin-Hopper and the King Kong.  Only five other players posted Qualifying Scores: Kara (36), Jodyann (36), Dano (33), JeepCreeper (31), and Jeep Lover 2 (31). No ProGrid Tour player earned a QS.