Seven From One

2 Jan 2022

The Cincinnati Bengals capped their come-from-behind win over the Kansas City Chiefs with a fifteen-play 74 yard drive that ate up the final six minutes of the game, included seven attempts from the KC one-yard line, and finished with a short Butker field goal. The Bengals' risky clock strategy paid off big. Patrick Mahomes never saw the field again--which cost him the Completions Prop Bet and the Chiefs the game, the Bengals winning as time expired 34-31. 

On the GridCard, jocko (43) took Gm1 of the new season. Last year, jocko had two Hamlin-Hoppers and two second-places finishes. Gridder of the Year, MW (39) picked up right where he left off last year with another win on the ProGrid Tour. Butch (39), KLC (36), Heart of a Hooligan (31), and Jkloo (30) used AutoPick to score well. Annabelle (29) had the only other Qualifying Score.

The first games of Team GridCard are in the books: Team Collins led by KLC (36) beat Team Mac 106-92. Team Detwiler edged Team V 110-106 behind Heart of a Hooligan (31). The OG Gridders had the top scorer jocko (43) but lost to the PGT 119-92 and GOTY MW (39).