Suspended Sentence

16 Aug 2020

The Tampa Bay Rays @ Toronto Blue Jays was a last minute GridCard Covid-19 substitution for the Pirates @ Reds. The game was suspended on Saturday then resumed on Sunday, the Rays scoring in the ninth to win 3-2. Kara (41) bet the Reds and lost when the Jays-- the home team playing on the road--came up short. But this was the only blemish on her KOTM as Kara called every NHL playoff game correctly, including the Over/Unders.

EricCinTX (37) was second and earned a WPN for beating the ProGrid Tour. In fact, the short-handed PGT couldn't muster a Qualifying Score so all players posting QSs earned WPNs: kjh98 (31), dangerzone (31), Annabelle (30), and KLC (29).