Hands Down

8 Oct 2021

When Matthew Stafford suffered a hand injury Thursday night, he had his finger taped, returned to the game, and had a big second half for the Rams. When Russell Wilson smashed his hand into Aaron Donald's hand, he dislocated his middle finger and missed most of the second half--the Seahawks falling to the Rams 26-17. Geno Smith relieved Wilson and led Seattle to two late scores. Stafford was 25-37 for 365 yards with one TD and one interception.

MMc (42) hit his first eight bets and put up a TallBoy for the GridCard win. This was MMc's fifth Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: King Kong winner, dkropf (37/75), JeepCreeper (37),  DennisDyday (34), MW (34), Dano (33), BabyMac (32), and Annabelle (32).