Cold Shouldering

28 Feb 2021

With the absence of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving has been shouldering the scoring load for the Brooklyn Nets during their recent seven-game win streak. However, all that heavy lifting left Kyrie with an actual sore shoulder--and a scratch for Saturday night's game against Dallas. James Harden did what he could, scoring 29 points, but Luka Doncic poured in 27 and the Mavericks snapped the win streak, beating the Nets 115-98 in Brooklyn.

On the GridCard, Butch (39) AutoPicked another Hamlin-Hopper, his second win of 2021. Butch is picking up where he left off last year when he earned more Total GridCard Points than any other player. AK (31) won the ProGrid Tour, the PGT giving up four WPNs: jocko (36), Mr. Jake 50 (36), KDet047 (33), and Alexa (32). And four other players posted Qualifying Scores: KMac (31), Annabelle (31), ranvilld12 (29), and Barry (29).