Cameroonian Ruins Warriors

1 Jun 2019

Like in many African nations, soccer is the most popular sport in the Republic of Cameroon--but that may change after native-son Pascal Siakam shot 14-17 from the field and led the Toronto Raptors to a 118-109 victory over the favored Golden State Warriors. Siakam scored 32 points and Kawhi Leonard and Marc Gasol added 23 and 20 respectively as Toronto took Gm1 of the NBA Finals and Kevin K (44) took the GridCard. Kevin K spoiled the Tallboys put up by GridCard programmers Ace (40) and btninja (40) and toppled KLC (39) and dangerzone (39) who also posted high scores.

GB55 (33), Fingerboardweg (32) and weekly powerhouse csmorgan71 (32) ran the total of WPNs to eight, all topping ProGrid Tour winner MMc (31). Seriesha (31) and JeepCreeper (31) also earned Qualifying Scores. The King Kong for winning the week went to summerman (73) who edged out dangerzone (72).