Ranked Teams Rule

9 Sep 2018

A&M's fumble ruled a touchback helped Clemson. Serena's fingers ruled coaching helped Osaka. Penn State, Georgia, and OSU ruled big-time. Is Alabama still the ruler?

The difference-maker in the battle to rule the GridCard--Minnesota covering Fresno State +3--elevated jocko (40) to King of the Mountain-- topping AK (31) who had to settle for a Qualifying Score. Nobody but Jocko beat the ProGrid Tour although EricCinTX (33) tied the PGT winner MMc

Kansas snapped their 46-game road losing streak @ Central. Kentucky ended a 31-year losing streak against Florida, and MMc (33) broke his 26-game PGT losing streak when Stanford held USC without a touchdown for the first time in over 20 years.

Five other players earned QS's: Kevin K (31), MW (30), summerman (30), dangerzone (29), and AFED (29).