One Trey Away

4 Sep 2020

Marcus Morris went 4 for 5 from 3-point range and scored 18 points. Kahwi Leonard led all scorers with 29. Paul George added 19 and Lou Williams 10 as the Los Angeles Clippers easily defeated the weary Denver Nuggets 120-97. Still the Over could have used the one Morris trey that got away. It came up three points short which elevated a whole host of AutoPickers, including GridCard winner, Jkloo (41) whose Tallboy just edged out amcmayonnaise's (40).

The top six players defeated the ProGrid Tour where Tuenesto (33) picked up the win. Jeep Lover 2 (37), LD (37), Jodyann (35), and Butch (35) let the Machine do the work and cleaned up. Jkloo (74) earned her first Hamlin-Hopper of the year--and second King Kong for winning the week. Mr. Jake 50 (31) and MW (31) posted Qualifying Scores.