NCAA 2nd Round Preview

20 Mar 2019

This Thursday and Friday college basketball games will run from noon till midnight in the biggest sporting event on the planet--the NCAA Tournament.

This week's GridCard starts on Saturday--when most brackets are already in trouble--but this requires some adjusting on the fly. Right now the matchups have not been determined. Late Friday night, the GridCard Commissioner, will set the lineup and the point spreads. Feel free to pick anytime after noon on Thursday, but know that some of the teams you're betting on may be gone. Make sure you check back on Saturday to get the big picture. If you don't, you may be surprised to find you've bet your 9 on Gardner Webb to take down Oklahoma. Could happen--and you could still win ATS, but just so you know, the GCC will be adjusting the teams, the times and lines. 


Spring has sprung. This weekend should be crazy good fun--and even crazier--Opening Day for MLB closes out the GridCard on Thursday.

GridNote: Everyone is welcome to submit a bracket in the GridCard Challenge where the top prize is--well, nothing much. Maybe a GridBlog mention. But feel free to invite friends and family and create your own pool.