Not For Sale

29 Mar 2019

Opening Day 2019 and the World Champion Boston Red Sox had their ace, Chris Sale, on the mound, staked to a 2-0 lead. But their opponent, the Seattle Mariners, were riding some rare Opening Day momentum--a two-game win streak--after beating the A's twice in Japan last week. The M's roughed up Sale and slugged five homers en route to a 12-4 trouncing of the Bosox, preserving the GridCard win for Dano (42).

Several players put up big scores-- GB55 (39), csmorgan71 (37), cowboy (37) and TheDust (37)--but only Dano earned the WPN for defeating the PGT--his fourth of the year to go with his four Hamlin Hoppers. MMc (40) defeated Heart of a Hooligan (38) to take the PGT Rollover. Annabelle (68) won her first King Kong of the year. 

The GridCard loosened up a bit. Six other players posted Qualifying Scores: LD (36), Rico (32), Teunesto (34), MW (34), kjh98 (34), and Jodyann (31).