Late Push

14 Aug 2021

After Washington's failed two-point attempt and failed onside kick, the Patriots took over--leading 15-13, Brian Hoyer taking a knee in victory position. But not so fast--said Ron Rivera. The WFT coach burned all his timeouts in an effort to get the ball back but instead got the ball run 91 yards back down his throat by Rhamondre Stevenson with a minute left.

The improbable late Pats' TD spoiled 86 points on both sides of the GridCard's Over/Under 35 and left dangerzone (44) standing as King of the Mountain. This is the fourth GridCard win of the year for dangerzone who also earned his first win on the ProGrid Tour. DZ's TallBoy was just one of a limited-run 4-pak, including MW (41), Barry (41), and Ricco1947 (40). Eight other players posted Qualifying Scores: Dano (38), Mr. Jake 50 (35), Ace (33), Jeep Lover 2 (32), GB55 (32), Kara (31), Winky (31) and MMc (37/82) who took home the King Kong.