Crosby Still Mashes One

11 Oct 2018

As usual, the GridCard's Second Game wasn't decided till Thursday night. The Eagles blew out the Giants--the Over looking good from the start. And the offensive fireworks expected from TTU @ TCU game never materialized, so the GridCard came down to the Red Raiders vs the Horned Frogs--a tight game that wasn't decided till the final seconds.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Texas Tech's Jeff Duffey ran 38 yards for a TD. Then--with under a minute to play and TCU near midfield--Adrian Frye intercepted Shawn Robinson to secure Tech's 17-14 upset of TCU--giving EricCinTX (37) his third GridCard win, just edging summerman (36) who continued his season-long heater and dkropf (35) who added to his hefty .537 WWP. EricCinTX (62) also won the GridCard Week, earning his first King Kong.

These three were the only players to defeat MMc (34) who won the ProGrid Tour--a Rollover Win that paid double. Four other players posted Qualifying Scores: Ace (32), AFED (31), Dano (31), and dangerzone (31)

Last Sunday, Mason Crosby missed four field goals and an extra point, dooming the Packer against the Lions. Those bettors playing the Over suffered, too--until one of the most improbable finishes in Over history. With 19 seconds left--and the O/U sitting right at 51--Rodgers and Walker connected on a short pass that turned into a 54-yard gain, setting up one last shot at the endzone--or not. To give his kicker a chance to get off the schneid, Packer coach Mike McCarthy sent Crosby out for a 40-yard field goal which he promptly banged through to topple the Over.

Although it did have Thursday night PGT ramifications, when all was said and done, the kick had very little GridCard impact. But it did demonstrate what the GridCard does best--making even the final seconds of an NFL rout must-see TV.