PAT Not Pat

4 Oct 2018

Late Saturday night--or very early Sunday morning--Arizona gambled on fourth down and scored a late TD against USC, pulling the Wildcats within a field goal of the Trojans--pending the conversion. With the line sitting at Arizona +3, one hundred and thirty-six points on both sides of the GridCard were poised to perish until Lucas Havrisik missed the PAT and spared the USC bettors, including Dano (40) and summerman (40) who laid heavy numbers on the Trojans. This was Dano's first GridCard win, but summerman collected his third Hamlin-Hopper in his last eight games--and followed up last week's King Kong (66) with another King Kong (66)--back-to-back weekly wins, his fourth KK overall.

Three other GridCard veterans--dkropf (38), KLC (37), and JeepCreeper (36)--posted high scores and also defeated the ProGrid Tour. Teunesto (35) took down the PGT, his second win in as many weeks.

While the First Game of the GridCard yielded only four Qualifying Scores, the Second Game played loose, giving up a total of sixteen QS's: Ace (34), ranvilld12 (34), keyz (33), JohnnyRan (32), dangerzone (32), Heart of a Hooligan (32), TheDust (31), csmorgan71 (31), Zeke (31), and EricCinTX (31).