Taron Point

17 Jan 2021

Saturday night's NFL game turned on one play late in the third quarter. Facing third-and goal and trailing by a touchdown, LaMar Jackson tried to find Mark Andrews in the end zone--but instead found Bill's cornerback Taron Johnson who had dropped into coverage. One hundred and one yards later, Johnson had a Pick-6 and the Bills had an insurmountable 17-3 lead. 

The Buffalo cover gave Ace (42) the GridCard win--although calling 7 of 8 NCAAM games didn't hurt much either. Ace's TallBoy also earned the ProGrid Tour win. Ten other players posted Qualifying Scores: Dano (35), kjh98 (34), Butch (32),  KLC (31),  MW (31), Ricco1947 (30), csmorgan71 (30), dkropf (29), cowboy (29), and MMc (29).