Fit 2B Tied

24 Feb 2019

In the final minutes of the Tennessee @ LSU SEC Showdown, the officials went to the monitor more times than a Tony Montana security guard. But the huge call in the last second was not reviewable.

With :18 left in overtime at LSU, Grant Williams converted an old-fashioned 3-point play to give Tennessee (-1) the SU and ATS lead 80-78. But at :05 Kavell Bigby-Williams put back an offensive rebound and at :01 Ja'vonte Smart sank two free throws--after a ticky-tack foul--to give the Tigers an 82-80 win over the Volunteers and move them into a tie with Tennessee atop the SEC.

Tied atop the Leaderboard--dangerzone (37) and macs detail (37) both picked up their first GridCard win of the year. The LSU win helped macs detail earn the Hamlin-Hopper and ruined things for csmorgan71 (35). Creighton's win over Georgeton--macs' only mistake--lifted dangerzone to the KOTM. The Rockets' upset of the Warriors took down hunt.anthony6 (34) while the Wichita State loss to Memphis shocked kare-bear (32).

Five other Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: jocko (32), CraigW (29), Teunesto (29), MW (29), and Heart of a Hooligan (29).