Stars Out Tonight

1 Mar 2019

In OKC, the Thunder were without Paul George while the visiting Sixers were without Joel Embiid for Thursday night's NBA on TNT. However, Philadelphia had Tobias Harris who was 5-7 from beyond the arc and Ben Simmons who triple-doubled while OKC had Russell Westbrook who was 8-24 in the 108-104 loss.

The upset by the 76ers made amcmayonnaise (44) a GridCard winner and ruined every ProGrid Tour player, allowing seven Public players with Qualifying Scores to defeat the ProGrid Tour and earn WPNs: jocko (37), Jodyann (36), kjh98 (35), Rico (32), btninja (32), and Ace (31).

MMc (28) won the PGT without a QS which triggered the automatic Rake. The King Kong went to amcmayonnaise (71).