Block Busted

17 Jul 2021

There was Bam's block in the Bubble to close out the Celtics and LeBron's chase down Gm7 rejection of Iguodala--but the swat by Giannis Antetokounmpo--denying Deandre Ayton in the final minute of the Bucks' 109-103 victory over the Suns--couldn't have been more clutch. Devin Booker had 42 points and what looked like a high lob assist to tie the game, but Giannis dropped off Booker and denied the slam dunk.

On the GridCard, AK (37) prevailed on the strength of his All-Star Game prop bets. This was AK's third Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Only two other players posted Qualifying Scores: Zeke (33)(67) who won this week's King Kong--and KMac (31).