Croaked the Raven

12 Nov 2021

The Ravens closed to within one score when Lamar Jackson connected with Mark Andrews for a 5-yard TD pass late in the fourth. But Tua Tagovailova came right back for the Dolphins with a 64-yard hookup to Albert Wilson then snuck in from the one to secure Miami's 22-10 win over Baltimore. 

On the GridCard, KaitMac's (41) TallBoy edged btninja's (40), KaitMac winning her third Hamlin-Hopper and second King Kong (74) this NFL season. Ricco1947 (38) stayed hot on the ProGrid Tour. Nine other players posted Qualifying Scores: BabyMac (38), LD (36), Kara (35), jocko (34), Mr. Jake 50 (34), Teunesto (33), Butch (32), amcmayonnaise (32), and JeepCreeper (31).