Home Invasion

3 Jun 2021

Going into Wednesday night's game, the home team in the Clippers-Mavs series had yet to win a game. Luka Docic and the Mavs looked unstoppable in the first two games at the Staples Center, but then Kahwi Leonard and Paul George responded by dominating in Dallas. More than one expert predicted the Mavs wouldn't win another game.

Wrong. The home team lost again and the Mavs took a 3-2 lead over LAC, beating the Clippers 105-100 behind Doncic's 42 points.

On the GridCard, amcmayonnaise (37) was crowned King of the Mountain when Dallas upset LA. It was amcmayonnaise's first KOTM of the year and second King Kong (70). Four other players earned WPNs for defeating Teunesto (32)--the winner on the ProGrid Tour: jocko (35), Jeep Lover 2 (34), Zeke (34), and dkropf (34). Three other Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: Dano (31), KMac (31), and KDet047 (31).