Junk-Time Bomb Exchange

8 Feb 2019

On Tuesday, leading Rutgers 74-62--and giving twelve points--Michigan grabbed the defensive rebound with :37 left, crossed midcourt, and began dribbling out the clock. In truth, the game had been over for some time, the Scarlet Knights never really challenging the Wolverines in the second half.

However, ATS (against-the-spread) the fireworks were just getting started. To avoid the TO, Isaiah Livers launched a deep three and connected to put UM up by fifteen. Instead of driving to the hoop for an uncontested layup, Rutgers' Caleb McConnell ran the clock down to :01 then threw up an even deeper three--which got nothing but net, ruining 125 GridCard points, casualties on both sides.

This meaningless, junk-time exchange of threes, cost csmorgan71 (36) dearly and made a GridCard winner of jocko (37). These two players recorded the only WPNs (in the last three games) against the ProGrid Tour--which was won by Heart of a Hooligan (35) over MMc (33) who also was wrecked by McConnell's bomb. This was jocko's first GridCard win of the year. 

Three other players posted Qualifying Scores: kjh98 (35), KLC (31), and macs detail (31). MMc (68) picked up his first career King Kong, finishing runner-up in both PGT games.