Super Bowl LIII Prop Bets

28 Jan 2019

Super Bowl LIII
  Game One
coin flip Patriots vs Rams
National Anthem  Over/Under 1:50
kick-off touchback/runback
1st first down Patriots vs Rams
first punt Patriots vs Rams
any score in 1st 6:00 Yes/No
1st TD Patriots vs Rams
scores TD first White vs Gurley
first FG Patriots vs Rams
1st to commit TO Patriots vs Rams
first to get sack Patriots vs Rams
1st penalty Patriots vs Rams
any score in last 2:00 of 1st half Yes/No
Maroon 5 Songs  Over/Under 3.5
tie-breaker: total first half points
  Game Two
1st challenge Patriots vs Rams
any 4th down conversion Yes/No
first interception Brady vs Goff
team to score last Patriots vs Rams
tied any time after 0-0 Yes/No
any two point attempt Yes/No
special teams/defensive score Yes/No
most turnovers Patriots vs Rams
completions Brady vs Goff 
Edelman rushing attempt          Yes/No
any missed FG Yes/No
score in last 2:00 Yes/No
Rams +3 vs Patriots
Over/Under 57
MVP A-L  vs  N-Z
tie-breaker: total second half points
Choose NINE Games in Game One
Choose NINE Games in Game Two 
In each game, designate one pick worth double

Not to be used for wagering.  Ties lose.

link to google doc