Kitchens' Heat

13 Nov 2019

The road underdogs in Sunday's marque NFL matchups prevailed: the Vikings upset the Cowboys 28-24 and the Seahawks came from behind to beat the 49ers 27-24. On Thursday night in Cleveland; however, the hometown Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-7--taking some of the heat off Freddie Kitchens.

Annabelle (44) bet the Over heavy on Sunday and the Under on Thursday to earn her third GridCard win of the year, her first since Gm11 when Annabelle also put up a TallBoy (44). MW (36) won the ProGrid Tour but gave up a second WPN to ranvilld12 (37). 

Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: GB55 (35), AK (35), kjh98 (34), mac (34), Ricco1947 (34), Lim Lamb (34), and kimbro66 (31).