Bottled Rockets

22 Dec 2018

The Eagles' 30-23 upset of the Rams on Sunday had major GridCard ramifications. TheDust (38) paired his weight on the Eagles with another big number on Baylor who upset Arizona 58-49, helping TheDust earn his fourth GridCard win--while btninja (38) added a big bet on the Steelers to his heavy Eagles' pick to earn his seventh Hamlin-Hopper. Three of the last six King Kongs have been won by btninja (70) who lost the Big Ape this week to TheDust (71) by a single point.

Another single point--the last Ticker--cost GB55 (37) when the Toledo Rockets crashed in the Bahamas. The Houston Rockets could have won it for GB55 as well but they went down in Miami. 

Several other Gridders scored well, including kare-bear (35), keyz (34), dkropf (33), Ricco1947 (32), CraigW (32), and jocko (31)--all posting Qualifying Scores. Three other players also defeated the short-handed ProGrid Tour: Kevin K (30), csmorgan71 (30), and kjh98 (29). Tuenesto (28) won the PGT but failed to earn a QS.