Macs Stays Hot

22 Apr 2018

With the Celtics trailing the Bucks 51-35 at half, neither the Over 203 or the Celtics +6 looked probable. But the Bucks surrendered a huge lead during a 64-point fourth quarter, giving macs detail (36) his second GridCard Win in as many weeks and--with dkropf (35) and kare-bear (34)--a win against the ProGrid Tour. By earning a second Hamlin/Hopper, macs detail joined a  select group of seven repeat winners while dkropf padded his already robust .632 WWP. 

MMc and MW each scored (32) to lead the PGT, MW picking up the win on the first tie-breaker: most games called correctly (6-5)

Only two other players managed Qualifying Scores: JohnnyRan and KDet047 both with (30).