NFL Draft Preview

19 Apr 2018

It's been a bitter cold start to the MLB season, but the NBA and NHL playoffs are heating up. The Pacers/Cavs series is tied at a game apiece. Same with Heat/76ers and Jazz/Thunder. This weekend, underdogs like the Wizards, Timberwolves, Spurs, and Bucks will be back on their homecourt, looking to get a first-round playoff win.

In all, you'll find 23 NBA playoff bets on tap this week as well as NHL, MLB, and NASCAR. On the back end of the GridCard, you'll find a couple of interesting NFL Draft prop bets. Will Baker Mayfield be drafted in the Top Ten? Who will be the Lions first pick?

After another washout in Week 15, the GridCard Commissioner has tweaked the GridCard Rainout Policy once more. New Rule: If the same two teams are scheduled to play the day following a postponement, the GCC will reschedule--unless that next game is already on the GridCard or goes beyond the end of the GridCard Week. In those rainouts rescheduled as part of a next-day doubleheader, the first game will replace the postponed game and the second game will play as usual (if also on the GridCard).

The GCC can't change the weather, but he can change the game.