Ricco Wrecks It

20 Apr 2018

The Jazz, 76ers, and Twins helped Ricco1947 (36) earn his first GridCard win in only his second week of competition. Ricco1947 was denied the Weekly Win, however, when the Warriors crushed the Spurs, giving click (70) a King Kong in his first GridCard Week. Following a loose First Game that saw seventeen Qualifying Scores, the Second Game of the GridCard played tighter than Archie Bell and the Drells. No player from the ProGrid Tour managed a QS which was won by Teunesto (28).

Annabelle (35), kjh98 (32), dkropf (32), macs detail (31) all posted Qualifying Scores and GridCard Wins against the ProGridTour. KDet047 (30), Barry (29), and btninja (29) also defeated the PGT.