Home-Dogs Split

15 Sep 2019

In the First Game on the GridCard Saturday, home-dogs went 4-4-1. Powerhouses OSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Clemson covered on the road. Alabama, NC State, USC, and Iowa did not. In fact, the Wolfpack and Trojans were upset by West Virginia and BYU respectively. The Florida @ Kentucky game pushed when Josh Hammond ran 76 yards for a TD with 44 seconds left.

King of the Mountain ranvilld12 (35) missed just one Home-Dog and picked up her fourth GridCard win of the year. Iowa State (9), OSU (8), and UCF (7) earned ranvilld12 The Man of Steal and the one-point victory over Rico (34). The GridCard remained hard to crack as only four other regular Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: Dano (31), kimbro66 (29), summerman (29), and TheDust (29). PGT player MW (31) won the ProGrid Tour which surrendered just the two WPNs to ranvilld12 and Rico.