Dog Show

16 Sep 2018

Iowa State lost to Oklahoma, Vanderbilt came up short in South Bend, and TCU lost to the Buckeyes--but all three of these underdogs were winners ATS. Two other dogs--BYU and LSU--won outright, taking down Wisconsin and Auburn respectively.

In the GridCard's final matchup, the favorite--Texas--held serve against USC, giving btninja (34) the GridCard Win over JohnnyRan (33) and KLC (32). Eighth in scoring with 1679 points, btninja's .474 WWP is nothing special, but his five Hamlin-Hoppers put him in elite company for Career GridCard Wins. 

EricCinTX (30), Rico (30), Teunesto (29) , and summerman (29) posted Qualifying Scores but couldn't defeat the ProGrid Tour which was won by AFED (30) on the strength of Iowa State's cover against the Sooners.