Clay Pigeon Redux

15 Oct 2020

Clayton Kershaw--arguably the best pitcher in baseball for over a decade (169-74, 2.44 ERA, 65.4 WAR)--just cannot get it done in the postseason. Kershaw's postseason 4.43 ERA is going up after allowing four runs over five innings Thursday night as the Braves defeated the Dodgers to inch closer the Fall Classic. 

Jkloo (42) used AutoPick to outdistance the field and earn the GridCard win. Jkloo now has two machine-operated  Hamlin-Hoppers to go with her two tech-picked King Kongs this year. Teunesto (35) won another ProGrid Tour, taking down csmorgan71 (33) when the Braves hammered Kershaw and tripped the Over all by themselves, beating LA 10-2 and taking a 3-1 lead in the series. Teunesto (75) also won the week and picked up the King Kong, his second of the year. 

Four other players posted Qualifying Scores: Annabelle (36), Kara (36), Zeke (32), and amcmayonnaise (31).