Dimes Short

23 Oct 2020

On Fridays ESPN does a Not Top Ten, counting down the worst plays of the week. On Thursday, Giants' quarterback, Danny "Dimes"Jones, submitted for our approval an 80-yard run that ended when he tripped on the fifteen yard line and fell on his face. A cheap PI call two plays later allowed New York to score a touchdown anyway, but the NTT play did portend a Twilight Zone ending for Jones and the Giants as the Philadelphia Eagles scored two late TDs to beat New York 22-21. 

It was TNF's Under--not the Giants' ATS win--that elevated Jkloo (42) to King of the Mountain. Jkloo won for the second time in as many weeks--her third of the year--as AutoPick had another great week, taking eight of the Top Ten spots.

Butch (41) padded his WPP lead (.568) win with another TallBoy. AK (76) easily won the week and the King Kong by following his First Game TallBoy with a Second Game (32). Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: Ricco1947 (39), amcmayonnaise (36), Kara (34), summerman (34), Annabelle (32), LD (31), and Lim Lamb (31). In addition, all Gridders listed above earned WPNs as nobody on the short-handed ProGrid Tour managed a QS.