Jodyann Annihilation

13 Apr 2018

Every Saturday @ 6:30 AM it's coffee, a Nutri-Grain bar and the GridCard--no AutoPick for Jodyann who continues to outperform the entire GridCard field. Coming into Week 14, her Weekly Winning Percentage (.558) led Kevin K (.547), Heart of a Hooligan (.537) and MW (.537). Her third GridCard Win ties her for second in career wins with Kevin K (3), trailing only Heart of a Hooligan (6).

The drama ended early on Wednesday. Once the 76ers had destroyed the Bucks 130-95, Jodyann had secured the Second Game--and another Weekly Win. Her Weekly Win Total stands at Level Three. Almost as many King Kongs as there are King Kong movies. She has posted eleven Qualifying Scores.

Annabelle (37), amcmayonnaise (34), and Ace (32) picked up wins against the ProGrid Tour which was won by Heart of a Hooligan (31). Also posting Qualifying Scores were mac and macs detail (29).