Over Times Nine

24 Oct 2021

The new college football Overtime Rules were designed to decrease the number of plays in OT--hoping to avoid more games like Texas A&M beating LSU 74-72 in a 7OT thriller in 2018. There were fewer plays in Illinois's 9OT upset of Penn State, but it's hard to imagine more thrills. Backup quarterback--and ex-Wolverine--Brandon Peters finally completed the game-winner to Casey Washington as the Fighting Illini defeated the Nittany Lions 20-18.

Dano (40) put up a TallBoy and won the GridCard. This was Dano's second Hamlin-Hopper of the year.  Annabelle (36) went back-to-back on the ProGrid Tour beating out MW (34) and AK (34). Three other players posted Qualifying Scores: kjh98 (34), amcmayonnaise (33), and Jodyann (30).