Left Too Early

1 Sep 2018

On Tuesday, Cy Young contenders Aaron Nola and Max Scherzer matched up for the second time in a week, and once again Nola got the upper hand, giving up just one earned running and staking the Phillies to a late 3-2 lead. But the Nats rallied for three runs in the ninth to win, the game ending when Phillie's pinch-runner Vince Velaquez left the bag too early tagging up at second and was doubled up. 

The base-running gaffe loomed huge for Ace (45) who took home the GridCard Win over TheDust (43) who had to settle for another second place finish. Ace earned his third King of the Mountain of the year. He and TheDust were the only players to best the ProGrid Tour which was swept by Heart of a Hooligan who followed up his Perfect 45 in the the First Game with a (42) to easily win the King Kong (87).

The GridCard gave up a total of seventeen Qualifying scores, including dkropf (40), KLC (38), Annabelle (36), GB55 (36), Teunesto (36), and Jeepcreeper (35).