Not Surprised

26 Aug 2018

What was the biggest surprise on the First Game of the GridCard? The Rays completing a three-game sweep of the 90-win Red Sox? The Bears' second team totally dominating the Chiefs' starters? The last-place Marlins beating the first-place Braves? Or Hawaii's Rainbow Warriors winning in Fort Collins for the first time in thirty years?

Apparently none of this surprised Heart of a Hooligan (45) who called all nine of his games correctly to become the first player to record two Perfect 45s and go back into sole possession of first place in Career GridCard Wins (9). The Hooligan also stole the PGT Major Money with his Mirror, Mirror, increasing his already substantial lead on the Money Leaderboard over MW.

BabyMac (39) posted a huge score and Personal Best, and Jodyann (35) was right there again. Annabelle (29), btninja (32), and keyz (34) earned the only other Qualifying Scores in Game 67 which played pretty tough--unless, of course, you're a Hooligan.