Scramble Lays an Egg

1 Feb 2021

A wild finish in Boston. After sinking a jump shot to trim the Laker lead to 96-95, Jayson Tatum made a clutch defensive play with just 10 seconds left, blocking Anthony Davis's 17-foot jump shot and pushing the ball up court. Three passes and a pump fake later, Tatum--who finished with a game-high 30 points--had a clean look from the elbow, but his fade away jumper banged back iron and Los Angeles escaped with the one-point win. 

The GridCard played loose, allowing a total of fifteen Qualifying Scores, including a rare First-Game TallBoy by kjh98 (40). A Grand Slammer in Week 3, kjh98's  Rickey Henderson (Florida, Gonzaga, and Villanova), accounted for 24 points as he picked up his first Hamlin-Hopper of the year.

Almost half the field posted a QS: Winky 38), Annabelle (38), Kara (37), Zeke (37), GB55 (37), csmorgan71 (34), LD (34), Heart of a Hooligan (33), Ace (32), Butch (31), Dano (31), Barry (31), and Kevin K (29).