Tough to Beat

24 Apr 2022

Giannis Antetokounmp had 32 points, 17 rebounds, and 7 assists as the Bucks blew out the Bulls 119-95 in Chicago. Mike Budenholzer pulled Giannis in the 4th but then reinserted him when the Bulls closed within 19. Giannis rested the final two minutes but not before a dunk pushed his point total past the Over/Under 30. 

The GridCard played brutal this week. No player posted a 30 or better, the minimum Qualifying Score making winners of btalkington20 (29), Kevin K (29), amcmayonnaise (29), and MMc (29) who also took ProGrid Tour.  Kevin K, amcmayonnaise, and btalkington20 earned their first Hamlin-Hopper of the year,  MMc his second.

Some historical low Team GridCard scores were recorded in Gm31. VBar beat OG 96-89. TMac upset PGT 94-92, and Team Detwiler recorded the First Game's best, defeating Team Collins 99-88.

Team GridCard

GridCard Baseball Season


           Standings                Record                GB



1.              VBar                         2-1                     --

2.              TMac                        2-1                     --

3.              PGT                          2-1                     --

4.              Team Detwiler          2-1                     --                     

5.              Team Collins            1-2                      1

6.              OG Gridders             0-3                      2