Hind Leg Lifts Bulldogs

30 Nov 2019

The Saints @ Falcons game decided the GridCard, but the Ole Miss @ Mississippi State finish was just as crazy.

In the final minute, Ole Miss converted a fourth-and-24 in the shadows of their own goalposts, drove the length of the field to score a TD that should have tied the game had the WR not pantomimed a dog peeing as part of his endzone celebration which drew an unsportsmanlike penalty, then missed the 30-yard PAT, giving State the 21-20 victory--but leaving the Bulldog bettors with a heart-wrenching ATS loss.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, the craziness continued. The Saints gave up three onside-kick recoveries to the Falcons in the final two minutes but held on to win 26-18 win, helping AK (44) and macs details (44) slip past the field for the GridCard win. AK recorded his first career Hamlin-Hopper; macs detail earned his fifth of the year. MW (38) took a tough ProGrid Tour loss as did MrNickJC (35)--in a newly formed PGT. PensChamp2017 (37) was actually the runner-up after betting the Ravens and 49ers heavily.

Eight other players posted Qualifying Scores: Butch (36), Lim Lamb (35), ranvilld12 (35), JeepCreeper (34), KDet047 (33),  Ricco1947 (32), csmorgan71 (32), and Barry (31). AutoPick had another great week; however, macs detail (76) took home the King Kong.