Hole in the Middle

3 Mar 2019

With :38 left and leading by three, the Warriors' Steph Curry blew by JJ Reddick of the Sixers, taking it straight to the hole. With Joel Embiid in the middle the results might have been different--but with the Philly big man still out of the lineup--Curry laid it in easily, putting Golden State up by six, securing their eventual 120-117 win over Philadelphia, and making MW (36) a GridCard winner.

Clemson's cover against UNC was also huge for MW who earned his second Hamlin-Hopper and his third ProGrid Tour win of the year, edging out jocko (34) in Public and MMc (32) on the PGT. Only four other Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: keyz (31), kare-bear (31), Dano (30), and csmorgan71 (29).